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Blue LED Strip Lights

Flexible LED strip with 36 blue LEDs per foot (120 per meter)
460 nm saturated blue LEDs provide high levels of royal blue light output for a variety of applications
12V DC power input, 1.2A power draw per meter
3M double-sided adhesive for easy and secure mounting
UL Listed

The light bar adopts high-quality chip, the light source has high brightness, large angle, excellent quality and stable performance.

A flexible PCB board is used as the substrate, and the flexible PCB board has high flexibility. It is suitable for installation in uneven and narrow places, especially suitable for surface decoration such as round or irregular design objects.

The product is divided into indoor non-waterproof bare board and outdoor / outdoor waterproof light bar.The waterproof grade is IP65 (surface glue), IP67 (silicone sleeve), IP68 (U-shaped pipe glue).

The light bar can be unilateral or bilateral outlet, the length of the line is 15CM; the connection method and the length of the wiring can be made according to customer requirements.

Sold by the 16.4 foot reel (5 meters)


● These LED strips can be cut to length in 1 inch intervals using just a pair of scissors. 

●  According to the requirements of the length of use, it can be cut between each unit along the position

 indicated by the cutting line on the PCB.

● This product is a constant current low voltage component (DC12V ), please connect the corresponding 

low voltage power supply or purchase a transformer power supply to avoid damage to the light bar due to 

strong voltage impact.

● When installing, tear the genuine 3M double-sided adhesive on the back of the product and stick it to the

 place of use, which is convenient and reliable.

Scope of application:

Lighting signs, advertising signs, etc.

Indoor and commercial atmosphere lighting for high-end specialty stores, shopping malls, etc. and light source lighting for showcases / jewelry shops / crafts

Irregular design decoration (such as polygonal walls in hotel / nightclub / KTV, water drop line ceiling groove).

Atmosphere lighting for leisure places such as bars and cafes.

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