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How to analyze the failure of LED wall washing lamp?

2021-10-22 14:32:59

With the continuous update and development of lighting technology, the cost of LED wall washing lamp is getting lower and higher. It is widely used in commercial fields such as large screen outdoor display. At present, how to improve its service life and reduce maintenance cost has become the focus of many customers. Of course, the most important thing is how to analyze the faults of LED wall washing lamp in the process of use. Next, trump lighting will tell you how to analyze the failure of LED wall washing lamp:

The main faults of LED wall washing lamp are open circuit fault, light loss and degradation. The former is caused by the complete failure of LED wall washing lamp products due to the fracture of a certain point in the circuit, and the latter is caused by the passive recombination of LED wall washing lamp, resulting in the decline of light conversion efficiency and luminous flux. The deterioration failure is caused by the aging of the product during long-term use.

In the process of fault analysis of LED wall washing lamp, it is necessary to find an appropriate differentiation method combined with fault time and application environment. Of course, improving the detection conditions and methods is also the reason for the failure in the research process. In fact, users should have the awareness of preventing faults during use. Therefore, after determining the cause of wall washing lamp failure, it is necessary to find out the method to avoid recurrence.
Fault analysis is the process of analyzing the causes of LED wall washing lamp problems. Firstly, the failure time of LED wall washing lamp should be analyzed. For products close to service life, it is not necessary to analyze them. In other cases, consideration shall be given to whether to conduct photoelectric parameter test, and then conduct appearance test in case of open circuit fault. In case of open circuit failure, optical microscope and metallographic microscope can also be used for visual inspection to analyze possible defects. If the pin and bonding fail, analyze the cause of the pin failure using an electron probe microscope. Conduct infrared test on the LED wall washing lamp to see if there are internal defects, and then analyze the test defects at fixed points to determine the cause of failure.

For the LED wall washing lamp failure, users need to think more when analyzing and pay more attention in daily use. For example, the LED lamp belt or LED wall washing lamp produced by trump lighting provides 5-year warranty service and 50000 hours service life.

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