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What color do you choose for home decoration LED lights?

2021-12-22 09:35:09

LED light band can be said to be very popular, because it has rich colors and strong decorative effect, and can meet the use needs of different places, so it is favored by more and more consumers. So, what color is better when we choose the light band?

1. When choosing the color of the lamp, we can choose the appropriate color according to our preferences and decorative style. The ceiling is generally white, yellow and light. According to the use of the room, the living room generally selects warm yellow light and blue light belt, because warm yellow light gives people a warm and comfortable feeling, especially in cold winter. Blue gives people a higher and deeper feeling.

2. If you like the festive color, you can choose red. If the red and blue light band is selected and equipped with the controller, it gives people a particularly romantic feeling. The restaurant is more suitable for yellow light belt; Children's room is suitable for yellow. Color light strip; But it's best to have a room and a color light band, otherwise it feels dazzling.

3. How to select the appropriate LED light strip outdoors? Like some signboards or landscape decoration, generally choose red and blue, or red. Blue neon lights give people a more dazzling feeling.

In fact, there is no standard for the color of the lamp belt. It is mainly based on your own preferences, decoration style and place of use, and then choose the appropriate color of the lamp belt.

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